Please, don’t make any decisions based on our roadmap. 

But you are more than welcome to share your comments or wishes for coming releases, either by making a comment to this page or by sending an email to

What we are working on alongside with minor improvements

Better resume functionality

At the moment, users can press Save before ending the questionnaire, then start the questionnaire again and work further with all the saved data. We have even functionality that shows users what was answered last. Now we are working on functionality that will place users on the node of the questionnaire where they left and still have the functionality of the “Back-button”.


Customers with objects that have many fields (+100) in Salesforce and many fields in Cauzali model have reported some performance issues. The most critical is one when endusers reach the Finish node and data is being saved in the Custom Object. In actual version we have made a huge improvement on this critical part. There is more to come also for Cauzali editors’ experience.


Item types is Cauzali’s alternative to Salesforce’ picklists. In fact, our Item types offer even more functionality than Salesforce’ picklists. Some customers choose to map Select fields that are connected to a specific Item type, to picklist fields in Salesforce. This can give a problem if picklist Api values in Salesforce don’t precisely correspond with Item types’ values in Cauzali. We are working on a solution where you will be able to use picklist values in Cauzali without using Item types (unless you need extra functionalities) or a way to syncronize between Item types’ and picklist values.

Lightning Web Component

We are planing to migrate Cauzali to Lightning Web Component. This will give better performance, better options for styling and less requirements for the use of our components.  We plan to start with the end user part and afterwards change the editor part.

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