Release V 1.18

Highlight your text with colors

Possibility to change color of the text in text area fields in Cauzali. Now you can do it in text content on page and question nodes as well as in description fields.

Field help text

Possibility to add help text in most of the field types.

Columns with different widths

In previous version it was only possible to make groups with equal sized columns. Now you can choose “S” in the number of columns field, and specify columns’ width (which should add up to 12). In the image below we have 2 groups of columns. In the first group we’ve specified “3,9” in the Layout field and in the second group we’ve specified “5,4,3”. See our blog

Multi select in select fields with checkboxes

Select fields have got a new layout type called CheckBox. This one is good to have when you want to give your users an opportunity to pick up more than one choice.

Max and min length of text area fields

In the new version you can specify min and max length of text area fields, just as you can do it today in string fields.


Boolean field has got a new layout option called Toogle.

Use formula fields as default values

If you use “Get default values from mapped object” function to populate your questionnaire, you can get values from formula fields.

Better help to find errors in your questionnaire

It’s a common problem to map to the same field twice by mistake when you have a comprehensive questionnaire with numerous fields. In this case you can’t save your data to Salesforce object and it is not easy to find the error to solve this problem. With the new version you will be able to identify the error in Messages tab in the editor.

Save button

In the new version it is possible to set a Save button in the questionnaire. You can choose the label and color of the button. In the example below we have made it red and called it Pause. When the users press the new Save button all data will be saved and the user will be able to continue in the flow or wait for later.

Design of Save and Back buttons

On the setup tab you can change the label of Back and Save buttons. In the configuration you can change color and add icons for these buttons.  See our blog 

Better options for statistics

We have introduced a new checkbox called “Create result record on init”. When this box is checked, a Decision Result record will be created when starting the questionnaire. When the user finishes the questionnaire, a new Decision Result record will be created.

Usage page

The “Usage” page for the fields has been redesigned and cleaned for non-relevant information.

More operant types for condition tests

Condition tests are improved with more types of operants. Condition tests are used in routing nodes as well as to hide or disable fields. We have added two operants called “Include” and “Not include”. You can use them in text or select fields.

Multi return values from a flow

In the new version it is possible to return numerous values from Salesforce Flows. In the earlier blog we’ve illustrated how to call a Flow in Cauzali. Now you can return all values from the Flow if they are marked as output variables and have the exact same name as in your Cauzali model. We support both Screen Flows and Autolaunched FlowsSee our blog

Better performance

We have fixed problems when saving to objects with many (+100) fields.