Endless solutions

Call Center scripts

Make intelligent and dynamic scripting solutions for your Call Center. Capture all relevant data and create/update the corresponding Salesforce records with it.

Lead capture

If you want to register more than just an email or a name of your lead, use Cauzali to get all the necessary and relevant information.

Place the solution on Salesforce mobile and use it at exhibitions, in the streets, or elsewhere.

Service check

Make interactive service reports for your service agents. Capture all relevant data, save service reports, and initiate processes in Salesforce.


Let Cauzali models help your agents to solve cases during the first contact or classify them and capture all the necessary data for the 2nd level support.

Make models to classify problems and models for each case type.


Drill down fast and easy to the right answers and interact directly with Customer Service from the FAQ.

Link to your web-page, make troubleshooting, and create cases directly in your FAQ.

Know Your Customer

Normally in the finance world, you have to know a lot about your customers both to fulfill legal requirements and to offer world-class service.

Make interview models asking all relevant questions and save results in Salesforce records.

Document the interviews for later audit.


Use Cauzali as an advisory tool.


Use Cauzali to build a traditional decision tree. 


Offer the most optimal solutions to your customers by collecting information with help of Cauzali.


The quick way to educate your employees and your customers about your products and services.  


Make complex surveys for your employees or your community users.


Use Cauzali as a prototype tool before your developers start to code heavy solution.