New version

Release V 1.18

Highlight your text with colors Possibility to change color of the text in text area fields in Cauzali. Now you can do it in text content on page and question nodes as well as in description fields. Field help text Possibility to add help text in most of the field types. Columns with different widths …

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Back and Save buttons

From version 1.18 it’s possible to change the color and text of the back button and you can also add an icon. In addition, we have added a Save button that can be used to save data to the mapping object continuously. This can be useful when you have lots of data in your model, …

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Use group when you want to have more fields in each line. You can choose 1,2,3,4 or 6 columns with same sizes. From version 1.18 it’s possible to make columns with different sizes. In this case you choose “S” in the column field and specify columns’ width in layout field. We split the line in …

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Call Flow from Cauzali

In the previous post we’ve talked about using Cauzali in a Flow.  You can also call a Flow from Cauzali. It supports both  Screen Flows and  Autolaunched Flows. The syntax is : flow FLOWNAME  {FIELDNAME1} ……{FIELDNAMEn} recordId. Field name in your Cauzali model and your flow have to be exactly the same. And remember to …

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In Question and Page nodes you can assign a static value to a field dependent on the answer.  From version 1.11 it’s possible to use formulas instead of static values. Your formula has to be in this format : eval( YOUR_FORMULA ) If you use fields in your formula you have to surround  the field …

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Version 1.11 is released

Version 1.11 include a lot of small improvements and 3 new features: Use images as answers buttons. Calculations. (Beta) Call flow.  (Beta) Read our posts for the new features.

Use Cauzali in a Flow

In version 1.10 we have improved our Component for better integration in Flows. First, we’ve made it easy to let your Answer Buttons look like standard buttons in Flows. See our blog about Answer Buttons. Even better is the capability to let the Flow know the result of Cauzali model. Now you have two important …

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