Answer buttons


From version 1.10 we introduce more styling of answer buttons. Now you can add icons, use Salesforce standard buttons styles and controle alignment. Alignment is special useful when you integrate Cauzali on a Flow.

Buttons or list

Answers buttons is as default shown as list, like the figure below.

On each Question node you can change the layout to buttons like the figure below.

If you want this layout in your entire model, you can use a configuration and assign it to the model.



Buttons is left aligned as default. But on a configuration you can change alignment for the whole model. Use right alignment for seamless integration in Flows. Buttons look just like buttons in  Screen in flows.

Also in configuration you can choose to stretch buttons. Use left alignment when you want to  stretch.


Both for list and button layout it’s possible to use icons. You can use standard salesforce icons. See https://

Use format like utility:person

Color & style on buttons.

On buttons you can choose between 5 different styles 



Use the Layout tab on each nodes content page like the picture below. Remember to use a configuration for alignment.